15. August 2023

Primoco UAV shareholders’ share sale increases free float by 2.5 percentage points. Currently 18% of the company’s shares are freely traded..

The main shareholders of Primoco UAV SE sold 120,000 shares through the Prague Stock Exchange START market today, increasing the company's free float by more than 2.5 percentage points to almost 18%. With this move, the company has brought its free float closer to the 25% threshold that the exchange generally recommends for publicly traded companies.

As part of the transaction, the CEO and founder of Primoco UAV sold 55,000 shares with a total value of CZK 37.95 million. His majority ownership in the company now stands at 58.1%.

Primoco UAV’s second largest shareholder, co-founder and supervisory board member Gabriel Fülöpp, sold 65,000 shares with a total value of CZK 44.85 million through the stock exchange. Fülöpp now owns a 24% stake in the company.

In connection with the transaction, both major shareholders stated that they plan to continue to hold a significant majority in Primoco UAV and will continue to actively develop the Czech manufacturer of advanced UAVs from their position as owners and management members in order to fulfill its exceptional growth potential.

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