28. Juni 2024

Primoco UAV, Czech UAV manufacturer, announces a new order. Two machines for airport navigation equipment calibration will be delivered to Asia..

Primoco UAV, Czech UAV manufacturer, has announced another new contract. The company will supply two One 150 UAVs fully equipped for inspection, calibration and evaluation of airport navigation equipment to an Asian customer. The value of the transaction is EUR 2.5 million (CZK 62 million). 

The announcement comes shortly after the company received a record order for 24 UAVs worth EUR 18 million (CZK 450 million). 

“The new contract confirms that unmanned systems are increasingly in demand not only by the military, security or rescue forces, but also for practical civilian applications,”

 said Ladislav Semetkovský, Primoco UAV CEO, adding that the company announced new orders worth more than half a billion Czech crowns in June alone. It expects orders for 50 to 60 UAVs worth around CZK 1 billion for this year.

For calibration of airport navigation equipment such as ILS/VOR/DME/TACAN/COM, as well as visual systems such as PAPI/VASI, Primoco UAVs are able to fully replace manned machines. They deliver the same high measurement quality to the required ICAO standard with significantly lower purchase and operating costs.

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