27 мая 2024 г.

Primoco UAV's largest shareholders now include a key business partner. The company also announced a new market maker and launched its new website.

The German technology group PLATH Corporation GmbH has become the fourth largest shareholder of Primoco UAV SE, the Czech publicly traded manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles. The  new shareholder, which acquired a 3% stake in Primoco, specialises in the use of data to prevent crises and supplies the defence and security industries. 

“PLATH has been a supplier of sophisticated sensors and other advanced technologies for our One 150 UAV for many years. I see their ownership of Primoco UAV as both an elevation of our long-term co-operation to an even higher level and as an expression of strong confidence in the continuation of the Primoco UAV success story from someone who really knows our industry and is close to us” 

said Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO of Primoco UAV.

Michael Kalt, PLATH Airborne Solutions CEO, who manages the aviation sector within the Plath Group, said that the investment in Primoco UAV SE is the next logical step in the relationship between the two entities. 

“Our joint projects to date, combined with detailed market research, have confirmed that the Primoco UAV One 150 is the most advantageous solution for a number of applications” 

Kalt said, adding that global demand for unmanned systems will continue to grow in the coming years. Therefore they believe in strengthening co-operation with Primoco UAV SE. 

Founder and CEO Ladislav Semetkovský remains the majority shareholder of Primoco UAV with an unchanged 50.4% stake. PLATH Corporation purchased the shares from the company's second largest shareholder, Gabriel Fülöpp.

In addition to a new shareholder, Primoco UAV SE also announced that Patria Finance, a member of the Prague Stock Exchange, commenced market making activities for Primoco UAV shares with effect from 27 May 2024. This adds it to Wood & Company Financial Service, J&T Bank and BH Securities, which already act as market makers for Primoco UAV shares. Market makers increase the liquidity of securities trading by quoting - setting the buying and selling price of a given security.

The company has also launched an upgraded version of its website at www.uav-stol.com.  

“The new website is more sophisticated, more user-friendly and significantly more attractive in terms of content than the previous one. Together with the expansion in our market makers, this is another positive step forward,” 

Semetkovský concluded.

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