• Inspection of the technical condition of linear and critical structures (high voltage lines, oil and gas pipelines, water sources).
  • Control of the condition of the subsoil and overgrowing vegetation.
  • Control and prevention of illegal activities.
  • Rapid documentation of large-scale damage.
  • Measurement of emission spectra.
  • Providing cover for emergency breakdowns of communication infrastructure in the event of emergencies (floods, fires, storms).
  • Control of the status of the nodal elements of the communication network.
  • Searching for illegal jamming activities.
  • Aerial monitoring of areas of interest or emergencies.
  • Searching, locating and pursuing wanted persons.
  • Documentation of criminal activities.
  • Command and control of police and security operations.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Communication support for police units.
  • Search and Rescue (SAR).
  • Preventive fire monitoring.
  • Air control of firefighting operations.
  • Search for persons in distress.
  • Operational restoration of critical communications.
  • Monitoring of large-scale emergencies (floods, storms, avalanches).
  • Exploration and monitoring of areas of interest.
  • Artillery fire guidance and combat capability assessment.
  • Pyrotechnic service support.
  • Electronic warfare support.
  • Drone warfare support.
  • Communication support on the battlefield, confusing and distracting the opponent.
  • Control of the border and coastal zone with overlap beyond.
  • Search and monitoring of criminal activities, including drug trafficking and illegal migration.
  • Remote identification of persons in the border zone.
  • Airborne warning.
  • Support for customs and tax tasks.
  • Searching for and documenting illegal activities (unauthorized construction, environmental pollution, illegal mining).
  • Control of specific measures in protected areas (control of the state of nature and protected wildlife).
  • Control of compliance with regulations on landscape and water protection.
  • Calibration and inspection of airport radio equipment (VOR, ILS, DME, NDB, MB, TACAN) and optical elements (VASI, PAPI).
  • Calibration of radio communication equipment.
  • Emergency monitoring.
  • Inspection surveys of airports and approach routes.

10 June 2024

Primoco UAV Announced the Largest Order in its History. The order for 24 UAVs will deliver EUR 18 million (CZK 450 million) of revenue in 2024

27 May 2024

Primoco UAV's largest shareholders now include a key business partner. The company also announced a new market maker and launched its new website

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6 May 2024

Primoco UAV announces 2024 outlook and first quarter results

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