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Primoco UAV SE is a European leading manufacturer of One 150 medium-sized fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles and provider of related aerial services. The company's shares are traded on the main market of the Prague Stock Exchange (PRIUA.PR).

Primoco UAV SE is the first operator in the world to receive a civil operating authorisation EASA LUC (Light Unmanned Certificate) for a fixed wing aircraft weighing 150 kg. The aircraft is also in the final stages ofthe military certification process NATO STANAG 4703. The company is an approved military aerospace Development and Production Organization (DOA/POA) under the EMAR 21 standard.

At the heart of our success is our passion for aviation and technology, which is reflected in all the projects and missions we are working on. A key part of the Primoco UAV SE story is the high level of in-house research and development. This allows us to constantly innovate, respond to the latest trends or findings in the UAV industry and work closely with our customers to create cutting-edge tailor-made solutions to meet their individual needs.

To date, we have produced more than 150 UAVs One 150, which are operated on four continents to monitor strategic infrastructure, protect borders and coastlines, calibrate airport guidance systems, and other military and civilian missions. One 150 UAVs are classified as dual-use products or military equipment. UAVs carry no weapons systems.

Information about the Issuer.

Business Name   

Primoco UAV SE


Výpadová 1563/29f, 153 00 Praha 5, Česká republika

Legal form   

European company

Commercial Register   

Kept with the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 1595







Number of Shares    

4 708 910 shares

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1,- CZK



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Priua CP Equity

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50.4 %

Ladislav Semetkovský

25 %

Gabriel Fülöpp

24.6 %

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Number of shareholders: 1870

Calendar of Events.

Year 2024

29. 4. 2024

Annual Financial Report.

6. 5. 2024

Q1 2024 Preliminary Results. Unaudited, consolidated.

26. 8. 2024

Half Year Financial Report. Unaudited, consolidated.

11. 4. 2024

Q3 2024 Preliminary Results. Unaudited, consolidated.

Financial Results.

Audited, consolidated, in thousands CZK20192020202120222023
Cost of sales-14,686-25,168-31,172-73,189-265,732
Operating profit/loss-23,449-7,077-27,47629,603280,335
EBITDA-21,459-6,661 -25,26433,919276,397
Profit before tax-23,966-9,538-27,95630,578273,564
Income Tax00076745,079
Profit after tax-23,966-9,538-27,95629,811228,485
Audited, consolidated, in thousands CZK20192020202120222023
Fixed Assets33,32530,231 32,37836,15652,920
Current assets19,14020,22852,347130,324339,970
- Inventories13,72613,517 19,570 66,31558,911
- Accounts Receivable3,0485,9854,607 8483,505
- Bank Accounts and Cash2,36672628,17063,161277,554
Active estimates and accrued expenses59 579082
Total assets52,52450,51684,734166,480392,972
Total liabilities52,52450,51684,734166,480392,972

Regulatory Notifications.


Contact person for Investor Relations.

Romana Wyllie

Investor Relations, Member of the Board of Directors