23. Oktober 2023

The Czech republic is the second largest world wide exporter of mid-size UAVs after the USA. All Czech UAVs are produced by Primoco UAV SE.

According to the renowned Swedish Institute for Peace Research SIPRI, a total of 69 dual/military use UAVs with a take-off weight of up to 250 kilograms have been sold globally in 2022. Data from the national defence systems licensing registers show that this market segment is split between manufacturers from the United States at two-thirds and the Czech company Primoco UAV at one-third.

“With a 30% market share, we demonstrated our position as the leader in the mid-size UAV segment.” Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO and majority shareholder of Primoco UAV SE, commented on the SIPRI data. “SIPRI data show that the world military UAV market in the mid-size segment had sales of 69 aircraft. In the heavy segment of take-off weights of over 250 kg another 120 aircraft were delivered. Except for the Covid year of 2021, the market has been growing by tens of percent each year and the Czech Republic is an important player”, Semetkovský added.

Strong demand is even more evident in the case of Primoco UAVs than market data indicates. During the first nine months of this year, the company signed contracts for the delivery of a total of 33 Primoco UAV One 150 aircraft with a take-off weight of 150 kg. The total value of new orders for UAVs with a payload of up to 30 kg was CZK 690 million. The shares of Primoco UAV SE are traded on the Prague Start stock exchange market. Since the beginning of this year the shares grew by 123% to CZK 915 per share. Since listing on the Prague stock exchange less than five years ago, the total share price increase has been 266%.

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