31. Juli 2023

The first prototype unmanned aircraft from radotín took off eight years ago. Today Primoco UAV is valued at czk 3.4bn with more than 150 aircraft on four continents.

Exactly eight years ago, on 31 July 2015, a new chapter in the success of the Czech aviation industry opened at Tchořovice airport in South Bohemia. A prototype of the Czech Primoco UAV One 100 took off for its first test flight and launched a series of innovations that have resulted in 150 UAVs with cutting-edge aeronautical technology operating on four continents. “Today’s improved version of the Primoco UAV One 150 is the only certified UAV in its category in the world,” says company founder Ladislav Semetkovsky, adding that orders are rapidly increasing not only from Europe, but also from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This year Primoco UAV signed a memorandum of cooperation with global aerospace giant Airbus Defence. Soon the company will celebrate another milestone in its history: 5 years since the listing of the company’s shares on the Prague Stock Exchange. “Since then, the securities have tripled in value and the company’s market value currently stands at CZK 3.4 billion,” Semetkovský says.

Eight years of Primoco UAV, Czech manufacturer, in numbers:

150 Primoco UAVs produced
4 continents across which aircraft manufactured in Radotín operate in civilian and military missions
CZK 3.4 billion market capitalization on the Prague Stock Exchange
192% increase in share valuation since the IPO in November 2018
40 highly qualified employees and dozens of partners worldwide
CZK 250 million invested in innovation without government subsidies
0 (zero) bank loans
1 company airport in Písek-Krašovice

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